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About Us

After years of experience painting and upcycling furniture, and trying just about everything on the Australian market as well as importing products from Europe and the US, we soon recognised some of the shortcomings and deficiencies of paints currently available. We wanted to make a paint that we  loved using, as we knew it would address the needs of furniture painters.  We know that you love the minimal prep required when using chalk paint, that you get frustrated by bleed through, hate having to struggle with brush marks, and don’t like the way that some paints lift when a second coat is applied.  So we worked to develop a paint that we LOVE using, that resolved a lot of the issues that chalk style paints have.  We also developed a palette of colours that answered the needs of furniture painters… perfect whites and neutrals, bolds and brights, they can also be mixed to create exactly the tone you require.  

Artisan Natural Chalk Finish is a beautiful, natural chalk finish furniture paint that goes on smoothly, distresses easily, and finishes with flair. Artisan Natural Chalk Finish has been developed by furniture artisans for furniture artists  like you, and transforms old furniture, frames, bowls, jars and just about anything into enviable works of upcycled art.

Commitment to Quality

Artisan Paint Natural Chalk Finish is crafted by a boutique Australian paint manufacturer, formulated using environmentally friendly ingredients and natural pigments and using state of the art technology. Artisan Natural Chalk Finish is a delight to use. The velvety pudding-like consistency spreads with ease, leaving few brush marks.  Because we care about quality and results we endeavour to use the best natural pigments available and we make sure that we use oodles of pigment to ensure you get unrivalled coverage! Often only one coat is required! Artisan cares about the environment so we have ensured that our paint is certified best in class environmentally. Very low or zero VOC and eco friendly, Artisan is low in odour and wash up is a breeze in water.

And for those who would like to boost their current business, contact us about becoming a certified Artisan Paint Stockist- we are  currently establishing a network of retailer outlets where those keen to know more than just basic painting techniques can hone their skills in more sophisticated decorative techniques.