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Hemp Oil -Why we LOVE it! 

I wish I had known about Hemp Oil when I first started out re-inventing furniture!  It is the most beautiful, natural top coat and timber finish ever!

Hemp Oil is not only good for our bodies - great for dry skin and psoriasis and it can even be added to salad dressings- but it is also an excellent hydrator for wood and a sealant for porous paint surfaces. Talk about multi tasking!

When used as a finishing coat, Artisan Hemp Oil  penetrates  porous paint surfaces, such as chalk-based paints & milk paint, to the substrate layer underneath and locks the paint surface on. Hemp Oil takes a chalky, flat looking paint surface, darkens and enriches the colour before drying to a lovely subtle sheen.   It’s like a lotion for paint and wood, while sealing and protecting at the same time. It penetrates the paint to protect from the inside out and does not leave a surface film that will chip or scratch. And it is sooooo much easier than waxing! You just wipe it on, let sit and then wipe off the excess- finishing your projects is breeze!! 

In the painting and refinishing world, there are not too many products that are truly "safe" to use.  But hemp oil is! It is 100% PURE PLANT BASED hemp oil! At least the Artisan  Hemp Oil is. There is nothing synthetic in it at all- it is 100% pure hemp oil, 100% organic and 100% vegan friendly. No additives, no chemicals, no solvents, nothing. This means that it is totally safe to use in the kitchen to revive benchtops and cutting boards to give a protective, water resistant surface! 

You can apply hemp oil with a brush, sponge or a lint free cloth. You can even just rub it in using your hands. This can be one of the best ways to apply it as you get to check out how silky smooth your surface is and it also helps prevent you adding too much to the surface. You only need enough to penetrate the surface and applying it with your hand provides the best control. If the surface feels really oily, you may have applied too much. (Just let it penetrate for a few minutes and wipe away the excess with a lint free cloth)

Hemp oil dries to a matte, almost satin finish, but the level of sheen increases with each coat.   I usually just apply one coat on the body of pieces and two coats on the tops for a little added durability, like on the blue table below.   The key with Hemp Oil, though, is to only apply what the surface will absorb.  If you apply too many coats, the oil will just sit on top.  There’s no harm if that happens, but you have to wipe the excess oil away and it’s a bit of a waste.



Once your Hemp Oil finish has dried you can even wax over it for added lustre! (But never the other way around- remember wax is ALWAYS the last layer) You can also use hemp oil to assist in obtaining some of the advanced paint finishes that we will be covering later in our tutorials!

While we have sung the praises of Artisan Hemp Oil for sealing porous paint surfaces, did you know it is also fabulous to use on bare timber to bring out all the natural colours, grain and patina for a beautiful authentic finish. Perfect to use when you have inherited grandma’s cherished antique armoire.  It is gray, dull and dry and seriously in need of a little pick me up but your family will die if you paint it! Hemp oil is just the right product for that job!! Antique timber will just drink up the oil, be nourished and rejuvenated and come back to life!  It can also be used on old rusted metal, (rejuvenating antique hardware), to seal cast iron cookware and even to rejuvenate those favourite leather boots you have in the wardrobe- yes even your old painty workboots!

You can find Hemp Oil HERE or find your local Artisan Retailer HERE

What are you going to use Hemp Oil on this week? 

Happy Painting